sims 3 installation verification error

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sims 3 installation verification error

Post by cathemeralbird on Wed 30 Jan 2013, 21:07

hello there! i have come here for help. i'm currently on a macbook pro. i installed the sims (only the base game, no expansions. i wanted to test the game as i went along so i didn't install all the exps and then realize nothing worked.), and it said that there was an installation verification error, which seems to suggest that some bit is missing.

i got the reloaded torrent, unzipped, and installed. everything worked smoothly. i applied the crack that was provided. i then used wine in order to run the game. however, it doesn't appear to work.

any sort of help would be appreciated!

edit: i also notice there's no EA Games folder in my documents. this is my first time playing sims on the mac so i don't know if that could be the problem. but if it is, how could i fix it?


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