Game Crashes In Build Mode

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Game Crashes In Build Mode

Post by staffen_mac on Fri 01 Feb 2013, 00:23

Hey guys,

New member here. Was directed to register and post since I couldn't be helped through email, so let's jump right in...

I have some purchased and some downloaded Sims 3 games. Currently, they are all installed. Installation, in my opinion, is not my issue.

When I load up my game, I go directly into build mode. I am starting "from scratch" and often build houses before I create families. So, to be clear, I have not tested out "Create a Family" yet. After working in build mode for about 15-20 minutes, my game freezes. The music continues, but I cannot do anything else. I cannot even "tab out" of the Sims, I end up being forced to manually power down my Macbook pro.

As far as I can tell, all new items from expansions are in my catalog, so I'm not sure what the issue is here. I have followed the installation steps correctly, and have applied the crack. Before I am forced to completely uninstall and reinstall (which I have already done and gaged me the same results), I am seeing if you guys have any ideas. Hopefully someone has been through this and can help me out!


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