Please help :( Service Initialisation Failed (0x024e424f)

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Please help :( Service Initialisation Failed (0x024e424f)

Post by nicoletta on Sat 02 Feb 2013, 06:14

Hi there.
I really need help! I just got a new MacBook Pro. I had one before, and had the sims + all expansions working fine. Unfortunately my son spilled water over my computer so it stopped working. Anyway, now I've got a new one. I just finished installing all the games, and now I'm getting this error Sad
I've never had it before. I know how to install G4TW games and the ultimate fix as I've done it tons of times, but I followed all the instructions exactly anyway. I've completely clean uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times now, and I'm still getting this error. I have the following games installed (* next to the ones that are store bought, the rest are G4TW downloads).
The Sims 3 *
World Adventures *
Ambitions *
Generations *
Town Life Stuff *
Late Night

I've tried downloading and applying the ultimate fix a few different times, but I can't get past this error when I try to run the game. I'm an avid simmer and have been without it for such a long time, this is frustrating and upsetting me so much. What am I doing wrong? Someone please help me!! Sad Sad

ETA: Because I've only just installed it, I have absolutely no mods or CC anywhere on the computer.


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