Cannot launch Sims 3. [SOLVED]

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Cannot launch Sims 3. [SOLVED]

Post by bmandrummer on Thu 07 Feb 2013, 15:39

I am not sure if this is the right section for this, but i was looking for a similar problem, and i did not come across one (although i am sure others have experienced this...and it is most likely that i am doing something wrong)...

I installed The Sims 3, following your thread/post on how to do so...including the Master Suite Stuff EP. Everything worked fine. I played it last night for a few hours with no problems. I downloaded and installed Diesel Stuff this morning. Everything seemed to go through fine...did the #crack folder copy and paste of the .exe and .dll files to the Sims 3 base folder on the C Drive. The Diesel Stuff icon is showing on my desktop. When i launch the game (via either the Sims 3 icon or the Diesel Stuff icon), i get the launcher screen. When i click the --> to enter, the launcher screen disappears, but nothing happens. It does not launch Sims 3. Can anyone help? Do i need to do the patch or the fix for each EP i install? Again, i did the #crack folder copy/paste of the .exe and .dll files. Thanks in advance!


I did the fix it patch again and it fixed the problem. So admin/mods can go ahead and close this thread. Thanx!


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Re: Cannot launch Sims 3. [SOLVED]

Post by Adwomin on Fri 08 Feb 2013, 21:21


Sorry for the late reply!
Glad to hear you solved the problem though.
Enjoy the game and please let us know if you need more assistance!

Bonsoir, friend.

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