i can get a Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties. [SOLVED]

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i can get a Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties. [SOLVED]

Post by simsy3 on Sun 17 Feb 2013, 22:37

hello i have a The Sims™️ 3 Generations but i can get a Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties Mad

it is does not appear in the list of Parties Mad

Has been working in the past with me Before installing the seasons Question

I have deleted custom content But to no avail No

So please help me and thank you Crying or Very sad


Each time you respond faster than that bounce
Thank you Wink
Solve the problem is to be an engaged sim

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Re: i can get a Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties. [SOLVED]

Post by Webmaster on Sun 24 Feb 2013, 12:03


Sorry for the late reply!
We do reply faster usually, indeed, but we've all been extremely busy recently and therefore couldn't reply in time.

Sorry for the inconvenience and enjoy your game!

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