Game works fine til I use the "move objects cheat". [CLOSED]

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Game works fine til I use the "move objects cheat". [CLOSED]

Post by Guest on Sat 23 Feb 2013, 08:22

So my game was running great (for days! since I did my big mess up). no big lags, no crashing. But I put a fence around my house, then when I went to go ride my horse into town, I realized that it couldn't get out so I needed a gate. But the location I wanted the gate at, said "can't interfere with object" and there was nothing there. So I used the move objects cheat and BAM CLOSED UNEXPECTEDLY! So I started my game up again, (Seriously I hate starting my game up it takes forever..but nowhere near a hour I heard some of you guys said) I did it again, the cheat "move object" It did it again, "close unexpectedly". So therefore, my crashing is related to that specific cheat because all the others work..(well I didn't try all of them all of them)

Anyone with the same problem? Or how to fix this?


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Re: Game works fine til I use the "move objects cheat". [CLOSED]

Post by AnetteValo on Sat 23 Feb 2013, 16:09

I have experienced the same thing. Have no clue of what it is! :-s

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