Can't update Fast Lane :(

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Can't update Fast Lane :(

Post by luckyclover17 on Tue 26 Apr 2011, 15:14

I downloaded High-End Loft, Ambitions, and Fast Lane from Games4theworld. I was able to install them and play. However, I can't update them using the launcher and I have no idea why Sad. It would always say that my game is up to date even if it is not. I was able to update High-End Loft and Ambitions manually but not Fast Lane. Every time I download the latest patch for it and try to run it, an error message would appear that says something like "Invalid file found." even if I'm quite sure I downloaded the right patch Sad

Btw, I bought the base game and it's also pirated same with my Outdoor Living. Both are updated.

I don't know if this would help but this is how I installed it all (except for the base game and outdoor living)
1. I extracted the files into a folder on my desktop.
2. I ran the Autorun.exe and installed the game. I used a different serial code.
3. I copy-paste the crack
4. I ran the launcher and started playing the game. I forgot to check if it was updated Sad
When I remembered to check if my game's updated, I went to and checked for the latest game updates then I saw that my game's not updated so I opened the launcher and clicked on game updates. It says there the my game is up to date so I clicked refresh and it still says the same thing. I closed the launcher and opened it again and did the same thing but it still says my game is up to date when it is not. Sad

I'm sorry if I didn't follow the installation guide correctly Sad Please help me Sad


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Re: Can't update Fast Lane :(

Post by Webmaster on Thu 28 Apr 2011, 17:04


Just apply this fix and your game should be up-to-date:

Good luck!



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