Manually install update on Mac?

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Manually install update on Mac?

Post by Freja on Fri 01 Mar 2013, 10:39

Hey there.

I have tried to install the latest update 1.50 on my macbook pro manually. I downloaded the update, and it seems to work, starts updating and so on. When it is done nothing is different, and i still have the old version: 16.0.136. Any suggestions?


And of course i have to mention we are talking about The sims 3.


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Re: Manually install update on Mac?

Post by Webmaster on Sat 02 Mar 2013, 19:47


Since the release of The Sims 3: Generations, the expansion packs are not updated any more. You just have to update the base game, because when you do so, it'll automatically update all the expansion packs too.
The version shown on your Launcher (in your case 16.0.136) is the version of the latest installed expansion pack.

In order to find out your "real" game version, please hover your mouse over the base game icon in the lower-left corner of the Launcher. The version starts with Version 1.50 is currently the latest version.

I hope that clears up!



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