Can I make it not show the gold store content stuff?

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Can I make it not show the gold store content stuff?

Post by Twizzles on Sun 03 Mar 2013, 03:58

So I downloaded everything in the mediafire account (Oh my God that thing is a treasure trove. I bow in awe to the people that brought all that to the masses). All the store content and worlds and put them into my game. My game works like a charm with every stuff pack & expansion, no problems as of yet (although this computer has a hard time keeping up). I have a few questions though, I searched around and couldn't find anything.

What does "decrapped" store content mean? Is it something that is done to the store files on purpose? I see the downfall is the game doesn't recognize any of it as store content, as in game it still shows stuff in the buy and build modes that I "haven't bought" yet, with the gold squares around it. I guess I can live with the game not recognizing the store stuff, but is there any way I can get all of the stuff to go away saying I haven't bought this or that yet? Like it shows when you create a new game under the worlds to select, I have all of the store worlds, but it shows them again with a gold coin next to them I guess as an option to buy them. It's quite annoying and cumbersome, as this stuff shows up all over the game.

I found an option in game to turn all that stuff off. But I still would like to know what "decrapped" means and why it was done to the files, if anyone knows. Thank you. Smile

BTW, this website is amazing! Quite... Smile


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Re: Can I make it not show the gold store content stuff?

Post by Webmaster on Sun 03 Mar 2013, 12:27


Welcome to the Forum!
"Decrapped" means that the security is disabled, so you can add the files to a cracked game without any problems. I'm not sure what exactly is done, but as far as I know, a few lines of code are deleted from the file.
When you try to add a .Sims3Pack file to a cracked game without decrappifying it, you'll get a "Please update your game" error.



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