Disc Authentication Failed Using Daemon Tools. [SOLVED]

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Disc Authentication Failed Using Daemon Tools. [SOLVED]

Post by N.e.r.d on Sun 01 May 2011, 04:03

Okay so I have a downloaded version of Late Night I didnt get it from here it wasnt a torrent. It came with a crack for the registration code and a TSLHost.dll and TS3E03.exe. Im not even sure what im suppose to do with it. But since its iso file I can only play it using Daemon Tool.
I tried using the Fix I found here but I get an error file not valid when I try to update it. My base game has the latest patch and its a legit version.
Anyone know how to get around this ?
Or send me the version that will work with the fix
I dont have a torrent down loader. I dont like to use torrents for personal reasons

heres were I dl'd it from XXXXXX
as you see it come with No instructions


Never mind I found the problem
I had to go
Click the default Icon with the Cog symbol
Go To the Bottom And Change the GameVersion to the latest version which is

Just incase anyone need to know this

Admin edit: Good, you solved your own problem. Thanks for sharing the fix with us. Problem solved, topic closed.



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