Error during start up, please see log for details

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Error during start up, please see log for details

Post by Natalya on Wed 06 Mar 2013, 18:27

Hey guys. I just download and installed the University Expansion but when I try to run the launcher, I get this message.

I have my game updated to 1.50 version since days ago and I had applied the Ultimate Fix. I tried to re-apply it, nothing. I uninstalled the game University EP still nothing. It was playing fine until I installed the University and now it won't work even if I uninstalled it.

I saw the fix with the regedit but thing is, I still have all expansion and stuff packs installed, so I don't think I should delete anything. Any suggestions please? I so wanna play the game but it won't work now and I don't wanna to re-install everything.

EDIT: I uninstalled and then re-installed the base game. I opened the launcher and it worked but as soon as I applied the manual patch to v. 1.50 and the fix, the same error happens. I also tried to bypass the launcher, I get the unable to start game message...

Please I don't know what I should do now!

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