Can't create a family (super confusing please help) [SOLVED]

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Can't create a family (super confusing please help) [SOLVED]

Post by kieraembers on Wed 06 Mar 2013, 20:28

Most of the issues I had in my game were fixed shortly after installing ultimate fix (btw you guys are awesome for creating the best fix out there.) I used to have a problem with going into the buildbuy mode, it wouldn't load no matter how long i sat infront of the computer. Ultrafix 1.50 fixed that. But another problem arose that had not been a previous issue. I could not create a family. When I click create a family the CAS loads perfectly fine and I can create sims and pets, but when I try to save the family its doesn't work. My game doesn't crash, the processing sign just stays on the screen forever. I can't edit relationships or save the family to the bin. I moved all my cc and that doesn't seem to help. Most of my expansion packs were paid for except for seasons and supernatural. I haven't installed University (seeders needed). and as of yet I have no stuff packs. I'm using windows Vista. I do have some CC but most of it is hair and clothes, nothing that could cause trouble. Not to mention before I used ultimate fix I was able to create a family. btw so if I haven't provided enough info I'm sorry.
thank you for your time.
-on another note my game sometimes crashes during woohoo or try for baby....which makes me think that my computer is part puritan


problem was resolved. sorry i posted it in the wrong area

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Re: Can't create a family (super confusing please help) [SOLVED]

Post by Webmaster on Sat 16 Mar 2013, 22:51


Sorry for the late reply!
Enjoy the game and let us know if you need more help!



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