Auslogics Disk Defrag (Free) Review

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Auslogics Disk Defrag (Free) Review

Post by Drachen on Wed 06 Mar 2013, 23:59

Wasn't sure if this went with Maintenance & Viruses, but that topic seems to be more for malware.

Auslogics makes really good software, honestly. Their free disk defrag utility is no exception. If you are unfamiliar with what defragmenting is, just read the first paragraph (and use the image to the right as reference) on the Wikipedia page for Defragmentation (can't post links yet, :newfag: )
Auslogics Disk Defrag is a superb defragmenting utility for your computer. It is honestly the only maintenance program because disk cleanup utilities where I actually notice a significant difference in speed on my computer. I don't know what separates it from the normal Windows Defragmenter or other popular defragmenters, but it truly works well.

The free version offers a beautiful and clean UI that is easy to use, with the drives listed in a box at the top of the program and buttons underneath. You basically have the choice to Analyze the drives to determine if they need to be defragmented, to Defrag, which analyzes it and then commences defragmenting, and to Defrag & Optimize (my personal favorite), an option which analyzes the drive, defragments it, and then optimizes it. I'm unsure that the optimization actually does, but this is where I notice the speed increase. You also have the ability to determine what priority your defragmenter runs at (low, normal, or high). What this means is depending on what priority you set it to determines how many system resources it will use. This means that if you would like to defragment your computer while doing work or maybe even playing games (which is unrecommended but you still have the option), you can set it to low priority and do your business. If you're going to bed and going to defragment your computer while away, you can set it to high priority so it will finish quicker. It's a truly neat option.

Overall, this is a fantastic program and it's free. You're pretty much guaranteed to get speed boosts if you use the optimize option, at least in my case.

tl;dr --> It's better than any other defragmenter, get it.
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