Installing university erased from Katy Perry to University

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Installing university erased from Katy Perry to University

Post by Loryrainbow on Thu 07 Mar 2013, 05:43

This isn't really a trouble, but this was a bug that i guess other have to know, a bug during installation:

I had all the expansion installed, it as working verry well until i instaler University. I know how to instal, i've made everything like the other, make the fix etc etc....

Wen i got on the Launcher to refreach the update, the little logo at the bottom ar grey like if it's uninstalled since Katy Perry to the newest one, university.

I was thinking something whent wrong during university installation, so, I've uninstalled those 6 ones. Before re-instaling, i've made the mannipulation in Regedit, installed them back but not university. Check launcher they are still grey. And i finally tried to install university with the new fix, didn't changed anything.

So, i tried to keep going even if they are grey in launcher because they where here, installed ! When i log in the game, the loading page with the latest expansion style appear, so -> university. Just telling to the other who have this trouble in future to do not uninstall, try playing, maybe it's just a little bug.

Hope I helped >.<


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Re: Installing university erased from Katy Perry to University

Post by Adwomin on Sat 16 Mar 2013, 22:09


Sorry for the late reply!
Unfortunately we were not able to get back to you in time. I'd like to apologize for that.

Do you still need assistance?

Bonsoir, friend.

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