Software update problem D:

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Software update problem D:

Post by berryflurry on Thu 05 May 2011, 18:31

Hi ^.^

I am new to the whole expansion pack download thing via torrents so please forgive me if I sound stupid in any sense xD...So I've had sims 3 base game off Razor 1911. I played sims a lot when I first had it and it quickly got boring..and now that I started playing it again...I figured I wanted to add expansions....but anyway xD...sorry about the rambling...Okay so to cut the story short...I've downloaded the 'Outdoor Stuff' expansion via your torrents. I followed all the steps given in the zip folder. Now when I went to start my game, it said I needed to update my software D: Sooo I downloaded "The Sims 3 latest FIX! (Should fix most of your problems)". Was I retarded for downloading that..I dint know >.< But I was hoping it would fix my update problem. So i followed all the steps here too...and when I reached step 10...I got stuck because when opened sims 3 game launcher and click 'game updates' it says "Unable to connect to EA download manager". What dumb mistake am I making? >.< I apologize once again if all that explanation I made above was gibberish D: Thank you for going through this and I'd be sooo glad if my problem can be fixed ^.^ Thank yoous


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Re: Software update problem D:

Post by Webmaster on Thu 05 May 2011, 21:32


First of all, do you have the EADM installed?

Also, the instructions say that you also nééd Late Night in order to make the fix work. I recommend you try without LN to see if it works. If not, you also need to download and install LN and then re-apply the fix.



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