Installation Incomplete Error

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Installation Incomplete Error

Post by exkitteh on Sun 10 Mar 2013, 01:37

Everything was working fine about a week or so ago (had a mini break from sims) - anyhoo tried to load it up today and got the Installation Incomplete error. At that point I had all expansions (apart from Uni) and stuff packs installed, with store CC and mods and was using CCMagic. So removed CC + Mods but still got the error. I thought it might be something to do with the new expansion, so redownloaded the manual update, simfix, storefix and Sims Uni.

I applied those, all without CC and mods again, but still getting the same error. (If I use the launcher, instead of CCMagic, I get the same error and all the little icons are greyed out.) Oh also, while I'm here, just in case, where should I be putting the storefix package files when using CCMagic? I've up to this point been following the "package" section of the installation guide.

Is there anything I can do to fix this? Don't fancy reinstalling alllllll of the packs lol - would reinstalling just the base game possibly help?

Anyhoo thanks in advance for any help Smile



Ok phew! Fixed it - if anyone else has this problem what I did was first
backup anything I wanted to keep in the docs part and then uninstalled
the base game only (using Your uninstaller pro). Then deleted the sims
folder in docs and started the re-installation of Sims 3. Ran the latest
manual update and put back the crack from the ultimate fix.

And so far upon opening the Launcher there's no error and all the little icons are back. \o/

last thing to do is to put back CC, mods etc. So with regards to that
can anyone clarify where I should put the storefix .packages for the
store CC downloads when using CC Magic? (I'm pretty sure I have to use
the .package instructions - and not the instructions for .simpacks - but
I wanna be super sure) Very Happy


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Re: Installation Incomplete Error

Post by Adwomin on Sat 16 Mar 2013, 22:31


Sorry for the late reply!
Glad to hear you fixed the problem, enjoy the game!

Do you still need assistance?

Bonsoir, friend.

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