Weird graphics bug/wall

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Weird graphics bug/wall

Post by Besso0-007 on Mon 11 Mar 2013, 02:25

Hey G4TW, I have a problem with my sims 3, in some parts of my town there are like walls that chage is you turn the camera around. I have some screen pics!

it changes when I turn the camera around at the same point and the weird thing is it only happens in some parts of the town.
I already tried deleting my mods, it didn't work.
I also updated the game to 1.50.
I have base game, late night, supernatural and seasons.
Also updated the drivers on the graphics card in the new late 2012 imac.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Game runs very smoothly, so the graphics card should not be the problem, this bug just came out of nowhere! Started today.

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Re: Weird graphics bug/wall

Post by TCPCohen on Thu 14 Mar 2013, 13:36

Hey! Have you tried reducing the graphics? Because it happened to me as well, and when it reduced them, started to run perfectly.
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