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Post by zwoman on Sun 17 Mar 2013, 02:06

Hi, guys! I'm new here and I just want some assistance with my S3 problem. I downloaded your version of the S3 base game and expansion packs a couple of months ago, followed every installation steps that you guys gave, and I was able to play the game successfully for a few times. I was downloading other expansion and stuff packs during the time that I started playing (can't wait for all of it to finish downloading since I was so excited to play XD). And by the time the downloads were complete, I installed it to add to the already installed game, and that's when the problem started. Apparently, after I added the newly downloaded packs, the other packs that I've already installed before, won't show up in the launcher. So I decided to uninstall and reinstall it with the new expansion and stuff packs. And it worked, I was able to play the game again. Now, when I was about to add the last expansion pack I downloaded, I uninstalled the game again and tried to reinstall it. But the problem is, everytime I click the Sims3Setup.exe, it gives me an error saying INCORRECT FUNCTION. I tried it again several times for the past weeks, but I failed. What must I do to solve it? Btw, my game was running in Vista, if that info will help. Thanks in advance! Smile


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Post by Webmaster on Sun 17 Mar 2013, 15:51


Please follow these up-to-date instructions at all time:
DO NOT skip any steps and RE-DOWNLOAD both the manual patch and the Ultimate Fix. Good luck!

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