Everything is blank..?

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Everything is blank..?

Post by Seoki on Mon 25 Mar 2013, 23:08

I get into game, and I have this problem..

Select a town is blank, and as well "..." is blank as well. The Play button does nothing as well, no buttons actually function.
Does anyone else have a problem like this?


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Re: Everything is blank..?

Post by mercurypagen on Tue 26 Mar 2013, 23:12


Not a mod, but looking to help as I have had this issue before. Frustrated the living heck outa me, let me tell you lol.

What I did to fix it...make backups of your saved games if you have any...I used my external hard drive..I actually keep all my mods and downloads backed up on it also in case of re-installs.

Once you have copies of any saved games...Uninstall everything entirely. You will want to start with a brand new, clean install.

Install the base game first, however you have it (Retail disk or here at G4TW, make sure you follow all the instructions to the letter if you get it here)

Once the base game is installed, let the launcher run any update patches that it needs. Once you do that, start the game like normal.

If this is a graphics glitch like mine was, you should have all of the usual info on your screen. If so, go into Options, and turn some of the heavier graphics down, Sim detail, lot detail, have only mirrors reflecting and so on.

If you are able to start a new game without seeing the blank screen thing again, go ahead and add each stuff or expansion pack one at a time, starting up the game between each to make sure nothing funky is going on.

Again, if you get your Sims3 stuff from here at G4TW, make sure you read all of the instructions completely and follow them exact.

Once you get your final pack installed, look up Sims 3 patch downloader, it's easy to find, goes right into your mods folder. This will help you make sure that ALL of the expansions are patched and up to date. Having a pack not fully patched can bork your game...trust me lol.

Once that is done, go ahead and add in any mods or CC that you want, I'd advise that you do it in chunks to make sure the game installs everything properly.

Hopefully this helps, good luck and let me know. If it doesn't, I'm sure someone else will have other suggestions.

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