Freezes up without error during character creation

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Freezes up without error during character creation

Post by wfsolis on Sat 30 Mar 2013, 12:28

Hey everyone, I'm running ML 10.8.3 and I have every expansion and stuff pack installed.

I'm running with no custom content at all and the game is properly cracked as it launches/loads just fine.

For some reason, though, it just complete freezes up during character creation. Sometimes it freezes right at the start and sometimes it freezes a few minutes into the creation process. It never generates an error and I have to apple/alt/escape out of it. When I do this, the program is just gone and there is no process to kill or anything.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Are there any logs I can look at that will tell me what the error is?

Any help is more than appreciated! Thanks!


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Re: Freezes up without error during character creation

Post by bransko1982 on Tue 16 Apr 2013, 19:31

Mine does this too - although I found it only did AFTER installing custom content/store content
I had uninstall my games completely, install the base game **APPLY MANUAL PATCH** then proceed to update and install/update the expansions (in order) > ** APPLY MANUAL PATCH AGAIN**
Then apply the fix and crack (assuming you know how to do this)
Consult this for detailed installation instructions:

This got the game to work for me with NO custom/store content

If you're going to reinstall, follow this helpful guide on clearing preferences/doing a clean install:

Hope this helps!! Very Happy


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