Sims 3 constantly crashing

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Sims 3 constantly crashing

Post by fuglycorn on Mon 08 Apr 2013, 16:34

Hi! I've been using this website for solutions on and off for a long time, but I've only just made an account now, after having a persistent problem with Sims 3.

I have the Base game, Ambitions and World Adventures (both of which are legal copies that I've bought and registered. The rest are downloaded from torrent sites), Late Night, Pets, Supernatural, and I had University Life installed at one point but as an attempt to fix the problem I uninstalled it yesterday.

Basically, after maybe ten to fifteen minutes of gameplay, Sims will just crash to the desktop for no reason. I've tried every one of the fixes listed on here, and I even tried installing Gamebooster which was one suggestion to a user having similar issues to mine. I doubted it would work, and it didn't.

Can you please help? I've checked my specs online, and according to the website Sims should be fast for me, but before I removed The Sims 3 file from My Documents the graphics were really low and it was still sluggish and laggy. I've played it twice since after removing the files to test it, and it reverted to default graphics, which (I only got to CAS so I couldn't test it properly) was actually faster than before.

Please help!


Gamebooster finished installing and I played for much longer than usual. Maybe an hour/two hours in, after I started to relax, it crashed. Luckily I hadn't been making much progress purposely because I suspected this would happen.
So... I'm still without a solution.

Please help? I've updated all my drivers, and I'm at my wits end!


I think I have quite literally tried every solution out there now. In addition to what I've mentioned, I've also uninstalled the base game completely using Your Uninstaller! and installing it again using the Ultimate fix after updating, etc.
I've tried deleting The Sims 3 folder from My Documents, too. Several times. I am at my wits end, and I'm also incredibly frustrated.

No-one else seems to be having this problem, I've checked online, everywhere!

P.S. I've been opening it with Gamebooster too, which hasn't helped. I've also had 'serious error with files' dialogue come up twice. Luckily it was just a test save, as I hadn't even bothered importing my old ones since I suspected it would still be crashing.

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Re: Sims 3 constantly crashing

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Tue 09 Apr 2013, 11:23


The "serious error etc." can come up after putting the game in compatibility mode. If you uncheck compatibility mode it'll be fixed.
When you removed the The Sims 3 folder, your graphicssettings reverted to default, so that's normal.
I'd argue that gamebooster helped at least a little bit. Unfortunately TS3 is still pretty buggy and it can crash at random which is considered normal. You've tried everything there was to try. Though you may also want to disable your antivirus software while you play, and your torrentclient.

All you can do is save often. And it may help a little to get this mod.

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