Dragon Age 2 patch - now I can't play -__- [SOLVED]

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Dragon Age 2 patch - now I can't play -__- [SOLVED]

Post by Cellitha on Wed 10 Apr 2013, 17:26

Hi everyone!

Since I can't play sims 3 anymore (got stuck e few weeks ago and haven't gotten any help yet) I started playing Dragon Age. Again.
So I played thru Dragon Age: Origins, which I bought several years ago, but then started on Dragon Age 2, which I downloaded.
It's all worked fine, even all the DLC has worked excellent, until I started to get an annoying bug where the computer blacks out on me.
"I should get the latest patch" thought I. Downloaded it, installed it and - now I can't play. Because they suddenly want me to register and I don't have a valid product key.
Figures; I should have thought something like this could happen, but the game wanted me to register before and then I've simply been able to click "Close" and not be bothered.

How do I get a valid key? Or can I uninstall the patch? How?


Okey, fixed it - got this one
( )
and now all works fine again! ^_^
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Re: Dragon Age 2 patch - now I can't play -__- [SOLVED]

Post by Webmaster on Fri 12 Apr 2013, 21:20

Hello there,

Glad to hear you fixed it!
Enjoy the game and please let us know if you need assistance again!

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