Can't play

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Can't play

Post by xxneonkittensxx on Fri 12 Apr 2013, 23:05

So I can't play sims 3.
I downloaded the university life and pets expansions, worked fine. Then I downloaded the Generations expansion and couldn't enter the game. Like, I didn't even get an error. It would just do nothing. So then I uninstalled generations and tried playing again. Same thing happened, nothing. opening TS3 didn't work, and opening from TS3W didn't work either. Went to sleep after that, figured I'd work with it in the morning. Anyways the next day (today) I installed the generations expansion again and also installed Seasons. This time when I tried to play I could open the game, it would load and I'd come to the screen where i can choose which save to open. And it would load a miniscule amount, then stop loading and then I'd get an error saying that Sims 3 isn't working and it would give me the option to find solutions online or close the game. I tried opening with the launcher and with TS3W and got the same thing.. I don't get it.


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Re: Can't play

Post by invalidusername on Sat 13 Apr 2013, 05:17

Did you apply the fix?

Do you have any mods/cc in your game?
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