Several issues, please help.

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Several issues, please help.

Post by MrOrangePony on Thu 02 May 2013, 19:49

Hello! First I'd like to thank you crazy smart people for all of your downloads and hard work.
...Regarding my game's problems, I'm quite lost and have no clue what to do.

1. The launcher isn't working. (Though I used the ts3.exe and it works fine. To get into the game at least.
2. Error code 16 when saving. I used 'save as' and it seemed to have worked in the game, though turns out it didn't.
3. Difficulty in Quitting the game. It took an eternity. Not sure if that is my laptop or perhaps something related?
4. ^#2 I opened my game, and the game I thought I had saved, it didn't.

I currently use Windows 8.
I have The Base + all 8 expansions + master suite stuff installed.

I had problems after installing the expansions at first. I used the Ultimate Fix, updated the game, added the crack and it seemed fine until it started crashing. I then changed the compatibility of all of my .exe files to windows 95 and set them to run as admin. That's when I couldn't start it through launcher and everything just went down from there. Help

I am a complete doofus when it comes to technology, so I would appreciate if you could explain it to me as such. Wink

Thanks a lot in advance! Very Happy

//EDIT: And now it won't play at all. It's just stuck at the intro.

I think I am going to reinstall all of them.

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  • Windows 8

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Re: Several issues, please help.

Post by Shamrock on Fri 03 May 2013, 10:21

Please try not to double post too much, edit your posts like I did. Thanks!
Compatibility of the files doesn't seem to be the problem here. Put them back to normal, then try this fix.

Have some tea, and take care!
Best regards,


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