Sims 3 - University Life Installer not Launching

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Sims 3 - University Life Installer not Launching

Post by FashionablyChic on Wed 05 Jun 2013, 23:25

Hey helpful people Smile

I haven't torrented games before but I'm not a total technical noob, so it's very frustrating that this isn't working. I've followed your guides to a tee, and searched through all the topics on your forum, without luck. All files are downloaded from your site, and I've been following your two guides:
--The Sims 3 Mac Installation Guide (pdf)
--Ultimate Fix - Mac Installation Guide (pdf)

1. I've downloaded the base game from your website. I also updated it to version 1.50 using the Sims startpage. It worked fine, except when I click play, it displays the "disc authentication" message.
2. I torrented the University Life expansion package from your site, downloaded with Vuze, unzipped with Stuffit, converted into DMG with Disk Utility, copy-pasted the files into the blank image... but the installer won't work. I click on it, it appears and bounces in my dock for several minutes. It disappears if I click on it.

I need to install the expansion pack before I can continue to install the game, so I'd really like to get this resolved.
Thanks!! FC xx


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Re: Sims 3 - University Life Installer not Launching

Post by Webmaster on Thu 06 Jun 2013, 21:03

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