What about Dragon Valley. [CLOSED]

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What about Dragon Valley. [CLOSED]

Post by spacewalker on Fri 07 Jun 2013, 18:05

well i know mediafire accoun is down for a reaaaally long time and i know you're working on it etc but what about the nes stuuf like country livin or dragon valley
will you upload them? :/
i'm just wondering

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Re: What about Dragon Valley. [CLOSED]

Post by Sir Auron on Fri 07 Jun 2013, 18:51

Please wait for a bit longer. The webmasters are currently working on this.

Until they find and appropriate server, there is no real way for anyone to tell how long this wait will be. Once they find a server i'm sure they will upload this stuff!

you may want to subscribe to this link.

p.s. are you typing from a cellphone? you seem to have a lot of typos.

Helper edit: I have no idea how many "Please upload Dragon Valley" requests are out there already, but this one's definitely too much Wink. And yes, you should all wait a bit for the re-upload. I will leave it to the Admins to delete this topic or leave it as it is. But for now, I will close this.

- Carlos G.

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