Sims 3 Supernatural (Mac)

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Sims 3 Supernatural (Mac)

Post by james1391 on Sun 09 Jun 2013, 18:15

Hi guys,

First off, I'll state that I'm working on a Macbook Pro, just incase that makes a difference Smile Also, I don't have any Sims 3 Store content, mods, etcetc, on my games - just what comes with the games, nothing extra Smile

I've been having trouble with installing my new copy of The Sims 3 Supernatural.

I own the physical copies/disks for The Sims 3, World Adventures, and Late Night.

I downloaded and installed Ambitions, Fast Lane Stuff, Generations, High-End Loft Stuff, Master Suite Stuff, Outdoor Living Stuff, Pets, Showtime, and Town Life Stuff from you guys - and everything was working perfectly!

I recently purchased the physical copy/disk for Supernatural. I've installed it today, and its doesn't seem to agree with your guys' work. Nothing would load, and I would get 'Unknown Error' messages.

I uninstalled everything Sims 3 related, then re-installed all of my physical copies before then adding back in your expansions (Following the ultimate fix all the way as before) - when I opened the game launcher, everything was there, as before, apart from supernatural.

I then downloaded the manual patch, and applied it to the Sims 3 Base Game that came with the download from you (Not my physical copy) Now, weather I try launching the game with my installed version of the base game, or your guys's one from the download, I get 'Unknown Error Occurred', and can't get any further.

Hopefully that all made sense and somebody can help me, thanks! Smile



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Re: Sims 3 Supernatural (Mac)

Post by Phoebe on Mon 10 Jun 2013, 18:41


First of all, I want to thank you for being extra clear! Do you know how many questions and time you save us? Smile

And for your problem, I don't think you're doing something wrong with fixig cracks. As I've encountered lots of problems with Supernatural on my own Mac.

I am suggesting you through my own experiences that you should first install Base game, patch it manually, and install Supernatural. Check if it works this way. If ti works we can make others work too.

Please let me know the result.

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Re: Sims 3 Supernatural (Mac)

Post by james1391 on Mon 10 Jun 2013, 19:36

Hi Phoebe, thanks for getting back to me!

I've put the base game (the one I got from you guys) into Applications/The Sims 3. I copied the crack, and pasted into the 'Bin' folder. When I try and open the launcher, I get 'Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00000000 at address 0x0000000. Do you wish to debug it?' I click yes everytime, and get the same message everytime I try to launch the game. I went ahead and applied the manual patch anyway, to see if that solved anything, and the launcher began! However, even though I've only got the base game in the folder, all the expansions I listed above we're seemingly installed! (Going by the icons in the bottom of the launcher)

One thing I did notice, is that when navigating to the 'Bin' folder, when I get to /program files/electronic arts, not only is "The Sims 3" folder present, but so is a folder for every expansion/stuff pack up to and including showtime (all the ones listed in my first post). I'm guessing this may have something to do with why my copy of supernatural isnt working?


Although the games were at the bottom of the launcher, the game wouldn't
launch because it was asking me for a disk for showtime (Which i
expected, as the cracked expansion packs aren't in my /applications/The
Sims 3/ folder haha!)

I tried going ahead with installing
supernatural anyway, and when installing it said that "The sims 3
version was newer than expected, and supernatural may not work" (Or
words to that effect). When running the launcher, it was the same as
above, all expansions seemingly present, apart from supernatural that I
had just installed, and wouldn't run because of the 'missing' showtime
disk. When I went back and checked the /program files/electronic arts
folder, there WAS a folder for supernatural listed.

I'm beginning
to think that the original torrent that I downloaded from TPB has
somehow linked all the expansions included to the base game in the same
folder, and that it wont accept additions or newer games than the latest
expansion included (Showtime)

Do you think it would be worth me downloading the Mac expansions from you guys individually rather than as a whole 'bundle'?


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