Kyra Nicholas (Model)

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Kyra Nicholas (Model)

Post by ShelbeeStarr on Thu 20 Jun 2013, 20:37

Hello everyone!

My newest (and so far favorite ;D) Female sim. <3

First off, I do not own ANY of the CC with this Sim, I just put her together and gave her a name and personality. ^_^ I'm not entirely sure where I got ALL of my DLC/CC but I know many sites I get things from include peggyzonerosesimsTSRTS3 Exchange, and a few others! ALL  credit goes to them, The respectful creators!  The sliders used in this were "Johna's Sliders".

EP's I have installed:
The Sims 3
Late Night
Katy Perry's Sweet Treats
University Life
Latest Update: 1.50

Kyra Nicholas



So my original story with this sim was that she is indeed a model, Working constantly to get to the top! But, she also has a fiance, Jacob. Who stays at home most of the time, writing music, trying to rank up in the music world. But they both have always wanted something; A family. Neither one of them had much of one growing up, which gives them even more ambition to have one of their own. But with Kyra's busy work schedule, and Jacob's stressful music career.. This could be the very thing to make or break them.








Download link:

(Sorry guys for some reason TS3 Exchange won't let me upload her there, so I only have MEGA. <3)

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The 7 Deadly Sins
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