:) I wanted to thank you, and say hello.

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:) I wanted to thank you, and say hello.

Post by Confucious on Tue 25 Jun 2013, 19:35


Here is what I first posted in the hello section. lol Very Happy 
 on board!  lol   I found the games you share by accident 1 day. I have proven many times over by downloading, how reliable you are. No viruses, trojans, adware, modifications to how the game works, and your games work great! I found your website, and joined just to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your hard work, and quality games! All of us aren't rich. I buy games as I can, but often I cannot. Besides, the forums here look great. You guys rock! Hello @ all.  

 I LOVE TO SHARE. Sadly I have to be VERY CAREFUL sharing now. In the militia states of... er-um I mean wonderful U.S.A. now.... Razz  they spy on you without cause. I got a threat letter from a gaming company through my ISP provider, in my ISP providers, provided email! Ermahgerd Facepalm  Apparently... gaming companies are allowed to spy on whatever they deem suspicious on your computer from any file sharing program now in the U.S.. I still share, but I have to do so sporadically, so I don't get tracked back, and threatened, and remove the software from any file sharing program folder when not sharing to be safe. I think I shared the game 5 days. I dunno how long it takes for them to do this. I know it sounds paranoid, but I was threatened by a company for sharing 1 of their games this way. "no names mentioned... E-something"... lol FacepalmLaughing But I won't ever stop totally. Again, You guys are AWESOME, and THANK YOU! SmileCool

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Re: :) I wanted to thank you, and say hello.

Post by Adwomin on Tue 25 Jun 2013, 19:47

i say helo to

Bonsoir, friend.

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