Sims 3 Island Paradise - Disc authentication failure - Please insert mastersuit stuff game disc. [SOLVED]

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Sims 3 Island Paradise - Disc authentication failure - Please insert mastersuit stuff game disc. [SOLVED]

Post by Vilseled on Wed 26 Jun 2013, 14:53

Hello everyone!

Sorry to add yet another sims 3 problem to the board, but this one is giving me a real headache! 

Downloaded Island Paradis, manuell update and the ultimate fix today. Ran the 1.55 update first and then installed the game. After installing the game I replaced the base game TS3 and TSlhost files with the cracked ones from the latest ultimate fix (all fixes past and including generations).

Then I ran the game. Everything was working great until I got to the game screen and an Icon flashed up telling me that I needed to insert the game disc. So I looked on here read a couple of similar threads and ran the 1.55 update again. Then I replaced the files again.

Now I can't get the game to load at all from the (cracked) desktop shortcut. It just says that it is unable to load. I tried to run it from the launcher and it tells me that I have a disc authentication failure and that I need to insert the disc for mastersuit stuff...

Anyone got any ideas?

I love the Sims, but I installing new expansion packs always fills me with great trepidation (mostly because 9 times of of 10 I run into some problem!)!

Thanks for the games and all the fixes by the way guys!!! You've saved me a fortune! :0D

Vilseled :0)


Ok...have restarted effect. Then took the crack from the island paradise folder and dropped it into the base game folder and replaced TS3 and TSlhost files. Game actually started to load. No demands for mastersuit stuff game. Then...I got an error message with the Sims 3 has stopped working.

Time to uninstall and re-install Island paradise???

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Problem fixed with a complete re-install. Usually does the trick when all else fails.

Helper edit: I interpret this as "problem solved". OK, then. Happy simming ! I will close this now.

- Carlos G.


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