Island Paradise, several errors, not responding now.

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Island Paradise, several errors, not responding now.

Post by melissa483 on Thu 27 Jun 2013, 00:46

At first, I couldn't get the patch to work. So I came here, got the manual 1.55 patch and forced it. It finally worked. I got a not responding error. So I went back, Re-Patched everything with the NEWEST Sims 3 fix as of the 23rd of June I believe it said it was, re-patched ever file, went step by step with the directions. I still get half way through loading the game, and not responding pops up, yet again. 

Any Ideas?? I really don't want to have to un-install, and re-install everything. I am dying to play this game. =(


***Update*** I found a suggestion in another forum. I did what it suggested, and it did load. I will update again if it crashes. After reading Shamrock's idea of deleting any MODS or CC, and even the sims 3 folder from documents, it worked. It has not crashed at all, and I can even play in full-screen which I was not even able to do before. I am so glad to be able to play it! It all so worked perfectly on the desktop, in which I didn't even need to get the manual patch for the desktop, as it worked on it's own! Great work Games4theworld for yet another GREAT update! Keep up the great work! 

Some custom content may not be up to date, so it will be conflicting with the game...
If you don't mind losing saved items, saved games and CC, delete Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 folder.
Then start your game. It should be fine.
If you want to re-install things, follow the tutorial on Mod the Sims "Installing packages for the Sims 3"."


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