downloading trouble

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downloading trouble

Post by areare49 on Sat 29 Jun 2013, 19:02

Hello and first let me say Thank you!!!!!!! for all that you do. Now to the trouble island paradise won't download one link says has been disabled and the other won't download I click on it and it says downloading but the download bar is not moving so can you please tell me what i have may done wrong or is it your links that are not working thank you again for your help:help: I forgot to say that the I have utorrent so when I downloaded the file thats where it went still no island paradise please help. Well back again I guess I didn't give enough information to get answer to my question the utorrent is saying downloading and i can find the rar file but when I try to open it says cannot open file please help ok just checked the file again now it is starting to download I don't why it took so long for it to show up but thank you anyway will let you know if it works .Hello again it is now 7 hours later and know island paradise still downloading can someone tell me what's  going on have cable wifi hookup it only took no more than 30 min before with other sims 3 games:help:  is it the file size. Hello again well it downloaded so I'm going to play now before I:can't touch this: bounce  and lose it all thanks for being here!!!!!!
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