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Post by ShadeKensis on Fri 07 May 2010, 00:00

May 3, 2010 at around 10:30pm EST. My friends were at their house. The
having been trying all day to play on the Halo: Reach Beta. As soon as
they finally get the games going, the power goes out. Zach lit a candle
to lit up his room and Kristian went out to go smoke. Zach left the room
and went to go make himself something to drink and as soon as Kristian
was about to light up a cigarette, he heard Zach screaming, "The house
is on fire!!!". The candle he lit, set the blanket that was hanging over
his window on fire. Everyone made it out of the house ok. Zach,
Kristian and I went over to Zach's house today and I took some pictures
of his room. While I was
taking the pictures, I wanted to know what the disc in the console
looked like, so me and Zach decided to pry it open with a knife. We
finally got it open and amazed at what we saw. The ODST Campaign disc
survived in the flaming 360!!! The Halo 3
Multiplayer disc that sat on top of the 360 as you can see didn't make
it... R.I.P lol The Campaign disc didn't even have a mark or anything
from the fire.

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