Help with CC magic? [SOLVED]

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Help with CC magic? [SOLVED]

Post by Knbursi on Fri 12 Jul 2013, 00:20

I'm not sure if I posted in the right section WhatDidUJustCallMe?.  If I didn't, please move my topic to the correct location. Thanks!

I downloaded the Sims 3, seasons, and pets all from Steam.

I stumbled across this website because a few days ago, I noticed that I kept getting an error that says "Please make sure your game has the latest software updates and try again."  

So, I decided to follow this link and download cc magic.

I've confused myself to no end. 

I first started out and organized my files.  Next, I hit the "Configurations" tab and moved all over my folders over the left to the "Enabled Sets" section.

Next, I hit "Rebuild."

I figured I would hit "Play" next, but it doesn't seem to work.  It just crashes and says I need to close the program.
So, I figured I would play the sims 3 from steam.  I looked in the "Downloads" section and there's nothing there.  Is that because my sims3packs have been moved from my downloads folder to the CCMagic folder?

I'm nervous to play the sims 3 from the original starter.  I don't want to lose everything.

I don't understand what I did wrong..

If anyone could help me out, that would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks!! Smile

Please Make Sure Your Game Has the Latest Software Updates and Try Again" Error's 100% 


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Re: Help with CC magic? [SOLVED]

Post by cagil99 on Mon 15 Jul 2013, 00:13

It seems like you already solved your problem. Please put [Solved] into the subject.


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