sims3 region problem [Solved]

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sims3 region problem [Solved]

Post by lmao95 on Sat 08 May 2010, 13:23

hello i recently downloaded your games4theworld world adventures pack for sims3. i have done evrything correctly except for to things.

1st thing that i cannot do is: i use windows 7 and as on noted on you have the correct place for the regedit place. i followed it into wow6432node and the sims3 isnt in there.

problem number 2: when i go to crack file 3 to install those updates i find that when i double click on them i get a message coming up saying i havnt got the game installed in the right region. i have tried installing sims3 on united kingdom and united states of america and world adventures doesnt want to install on those 2 countries.

can i please be told how to do the regedit place as i cannot find it and can i have information on what regoin i should install my game.

ps: my sims3 copy is from games4theworld via the

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Re: sims3 region problem [Solved]

Post by Webmaster on Sat 08 May 2010, 21:19


Well, you see, the region problem is caused because of the wrong SKU code, which you'll have to change to 2 in order to make it working.

Wasn't it in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sims\The Sims 3 neither?

If no, I recommend you contact our Live Support through MSN when Online and see if they can fix the problem for you through TeamViewer. More infor will be provided there.

MOD EDIT: Topic closed, problem solved.



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