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Post by AntoniaJordanB on Wed 24 Jul 2013, 16:55

Hi guys... 

I needed to create some more space on my Macbook Air and decided to get rid of university life seen as i never use it... 
I dragged it to the trash from applications because i couldn't find the installer and now every time i load my game i get this notice... 

 /Applications/The Sims 3.localized/The Sims 3 Island Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3 University Life -> ../../../../../../../The Sims 3 University Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3 University Life

Please tell me there is some fix i can apply!

Thanks in advance for any help! 



Edit: it wont actually open the installer.. jut goes straight to that message


I have managed to fix this by reinstalling the game and then unistalling it using the sims3 installer!

Helper edit: if you want to add something to your post, please use the "edit" button. Wink  It will allow you to modify your post and/or add things.

- Carlos G.

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