Several requests.

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Several requests.

Post by Layloria on Mon 12 Aug 2013, 01:17

I would like to request this. I once had it on disk but moved twice since then and do not know where it is or if the disk is readable!

Thank you for your time.


Hello, I'd like to request these retro games from my past.
I had them both bought on a CD/ROM for the PC but I know Super Sports can be found more commonly as a PS1 game (tried emulators...failed).

Thank you. They were made before 2005, Super Sports 1999/2000


^^ I would like to request the game Lucius.

Mod edit: Please, keep all your requests in ONE topic. Use the "edit"-button in order to add something to your original post. Thanks. Wink

- Carlos

What he said.
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