How to Burn Sims 3 Games to Discs

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How to Burn Sims 3 Games to Discs

Post by slothsminion62 on Sun 18 Aug 2013, 17:11

Hello. Since there are so many Sims 3 expansions out now and it does a number on the hardrive space of a computer, I'd like to burn the downloads to their own discs.  The only question I have is for the expansions that are too large to put on a single disc.  Is there a specific way I have to separate the files for Disc One and Disc Two so the installation works correctly? I understand that I could install straight from the hardrive and then burn them, but I'd like to burn them in such a way that I could install directly from disc if I wanted to.
Thanks for all the good stuff you do, G4tW!

Edit 1: I realized that I can delete the Mac OS stuff and updates, then what is left is small enough to fit on a single disc.

Another Side Question: Should I format the disc as 'Data' or 'Multimedia'?  I'm assuming the latter.

Edit 2: I ended up using 'Data' and it works just fine of you open the disk and click the setup .exe.

If anyone else sees this and wants to do this, but you want to keep everything and need two discs, it doesn'y matter how you separate the files.  Once the installer can't find a file, it will ask you to insert the disk with that file.
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