No Disc Error, University Life, any suggestions? :( [SOLVED]

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No Disc Error, University Life, any suggestions? :( [SOLVED]

Post by Abellus on Thu 22 Aug 2013, 22:19

Hello my fellow Simmers!!
I have recently downloaded the Sims 3 + all the expansion packs (Except Island Paradise and Fast lane stuff. Wasn't really interested in FL stuff. Razz ) I had already purchased the base game from Origin, but lost interest because of lack of expansions. I found this download and was completely thrilled. I promptly un-installed the Origin version and set about downloading.( To be clear, I am NOT using the origin base game currently.)

ANYWAYS The instructions were really simple and I thought, fool proof, but apparently I proved myself the fool. XD
I have copied the crack's into the correct folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin) and here is a screen shot of the folder in its current state. 

 I am currently downloading the ultimate fix and will report my success on that, though the other popular suggestion with the manual update proved to be unhelpful unfortunately. I HAVE also tried the Nraas mod to no avail.

the interesting part about this is that it has several times loaded all the way to the select town screen(which is just taunting and CRUEL! XD ) and *then* it tells me I must insert a disc. Now it won't even get that far and simply crashes when I open the launcher. Here is a screenshot of my launcher for reference if that helps at all @-@

I understand this is a common issue, and I did look into other topics before posting. I have exhausted the provided means of trouble shooting, other than the ultimate fix which is currently downloading (very slowly I might add xD) but I am concerned that I have done something incorrectly, even with how painstakingly clear your instructions were.
If someone could please point me in the right direction I would really appreciate their time and effort.
Thanks in advance


 It's now WORKING!  
The ultimate fix really was the ULTIMATE fix. The video for it didn't really resemble my files, but I just copied the crack from the folder titled #Crack into TS3 bin folder and wa-lah!! 
THANKS SO MUCH! Sorry if I wasted anyones time  Feel free to delete this thread if you'd like! THanks again!!

Moderator edit: Glad to hear that you managed to solve it yourself. Wink  OK, I'll close the topic now.

- Carlos


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