need help with downloading games in origin client

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need help with downloading games in origin client

Post by nickaustin on Wed 28 Aug 2013, 16:23

hello guys and gals...

i need help about downloading games to origin. Help 

I have got legal origin games cd keys i got from donating at [before you dismiss my question thinking that keys obtained from this site doesn't work and its a scam etc. etc. in past i have bought from them and they do work. i already have some games on steam that works as flawlessly as i bought from steam store it self.]

first off i want to play battlefield 3.

Now, My problem is i have bandwidth restriction at my place so i cant download 18+GB just for bf3 (and not counting another 60+GB of other games that i got from humble bundle) in my pc at my place from origin client. 

so i want to use game files downloaded from torrents in my origin client to play games legally with cd keys that i have registered with my origin account. [my friend has unlimited bandwidth and he can download torrents]

my question is:

"how to use game files downloaded from torrents in origin client?" [without crack of-course as i have legal cd keys already registered to my origin account]

i want to know if above mentioned thing is possible and how

thank you in advance.

p.s. if this is a wrong section i request admin to direct me to appropriate section thank you :newfag:

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- Carlos


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