The Sims 1: The Complete Collection; "not enough disk space". [SOLVED]

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The Sims 1: The Complete Collection; "not enough disk space". [SOLVED]

Post by vanjessin on Mon 02 Sep 2013, 19:54

Hey guys,

I can't seem to install The Sims 1: The Complete Collection because I "don't have enough disk space." I don't even have a g: disk, so I have no idea where this is coming from. I tried Googling it, but couldn't find any answer except "you've probably chosen the wrong destination folder." This thing pops up before I can even select one. Anyone, please help me?

Here's a screenshot;

Thanks in advance!


After hours of searching, I found the solution!

The fix? enter regedit (google it if you dont know how to access it), go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE","SOFTWARE", and search the Maxis folder. That folder contains the wronged sims entries, probably an error generated by you playing previously a hacked version. Just delete the whole folder!!!!
Reset, install again. No moar 0mb issue!!!

Helper Edit: Glad to hear that the problem is solved. Topic closed.


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