Sims 3 World Not Loading on Mac

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Sims 3 World Not Loading on Mac

Post by Music_Lights on Wed 02 Oct 2013, 09:35

 I have been having problems with my Sims 3 and expansions on Mac. I failed many times in trying to get it to work. At first I installed everything and Town Life and some expansions were grayed out and did not work so I reinstalled the ones that were grayed out. It worked up until Town Life. Everything I had installed stopped showing up so I uninstalled and reinstalled everything. After I installed everything in order, I applied the crack and ultimate fix. It seemed to work, but when I went to load a world it would crash if it had a family. If it was a new world it would be stuck upon the load screen. The green bar would be frozen, almost finished loading but never finish loading. I applied the manual update to version 1.57, and the cracks, but it did not help. I followed all instructions within the Mac guides, but the same problem contained  I even uninstalled and reinstalled everything 3 times, thinking maybe I messed up somewhere. Afterwards, I looked at the forum and tried a couple of suggested solutions/fixes but it didn't help. Same problem persisted. I am out of options. How do I get this to work properly? I have every expansion except Diesel Stuff pack, World Adventures, Island Paradise, and Movie Stuff. 
Help Sad Crying or Very sad 

==EDIT== - I read some more of the forum and found out that someone got it to work by lowering the settings to low it helped. I tried that and it worked. Just wish it would work on high settings since my Mac can handle it. Facepalm 


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Re: Sims 3 World Not Loading on Mac

Post by Phoebe on Wed 02 Oct 2013, 10:49


There are lots of cases like yours, you can play it in high resolution because of the crashes even though your Mac can handle it. Unfortunately, it isn't something that we can solve. Because it's about the game itself, and the reason of it, The Sims 3 isn't optimized for Macs. That's why we're dealing with lots of weird problems that we shouldn' have dealed with our really good Macs. 

If you can play with low resolution, it's even a good thing. But maybe you can try clean uninstall, I am not sure if it works for you but it is no hurt to try it. You can apply the instructions from here.

Please let me know the result Smile

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