Before you request any new games/DLCs/software. [READ THIS FIRST!]

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Before you request any new games/DLCs/software. [READ THIS FIRST!]

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Sun 06 Oct 2013, 11:42

Hello everyone,

1) Before you post a wish for any new game or piece of software, please check out the current wishlist HERE. A lot of games and programs have been requested already in the past. You can search the list more easily by pressing CTRL + F in your browser, and in the search mask that comes up, type what you are searching for. If the item is on the list already, it will be highlighted in your browser.

2) Please don't request console games (XBOX; Nintendo; Playstation), as Games4theworld only specializes in releases for Windows/PC games.

3) As for MAC OS software/games, please note that we may not be able to release those as again, we specialize in Windows OS only.

4) There's no need to request upcoming Sims store objects or upcoming DLC. Rest assured, these will be uploaded to as soon as they're available. If you think there's an item missing from a previous month, please do a good search on the website before requesting it. It may be found in another month. So please stop requesting these items, your topic will be ignored and closed, or deleted.

5) Any requests/wishes that are made will remain on the wishlist. As for an actual release, Games4theworld reserves the right for the decision on a release. A.k.a. don't ask "plz release this now".

Warning: TEA

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