Try playing the game without CC

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Try playing the game without CC

Post by inu on Sun 06 Oct 2013, 15:51

Im new here and Im so happy I found you guys yesterday : )
Im trying to figure out why my game is SOOOOO slow when I play, even if my computer SHOULD be able to play it with high graphics and such.
So Im thinking the problem lies withing the custom content... So now Im wondering wether I can just try to remove all my CC from the mods/packages  folder and put them somewhere else and try to play the game and then simply just put them back there once i've tried playing without them? Maybe a confusing question but I hope someone can answer it : )

Maybe to clear something out: im trying to make my game stop lagging and running slow..


A little update: i've been trying to do everything that people suggest to make the game faster and lag-free. I have ran the the sims 3 dashboard tool and tried removing the cache-files that people say are safe to remove and also deleted the files in dccacheBackup folder except the ccmerge file... Now  i happily tried to play the game and noticed it loads faster BUT (!!!) it seems like i have litterally destroyed the game because some graphics are gone. For example in the loading screen, the backgorund behind the "The sims 3 island paradise" logo is gone, and the loading text gets all smudged out. I get to the screen where i should pick the family, some text are lacking, and then, the game crashes.

Can someone help me?

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