Worlds showing up as needing to be purchased or not showing up at all. [SOLVED]

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Worlds showing up as needing to be purchased or not showing up at all. [SOLVED]

Post by Psychonewb on Thu 10 Oct 2013, 23:52

So you know I didn't use any .sms3pack files. Everything I'm using is in ".package" format.

A few worlds are showing up with the gold coin beside them that requires me to purchase them with "simpoints".  I see "Midnight Hollow - Standard" that needs to be bought, there is also a Hidden Springs, Sunlit Tides Gold and Aurora Skies Gold that need to be purchased. The other worlds barnacle bay, dragon valley, lucky palms, lunar lakes, monte vista, and riverview are not showing up at all.

I did do a "content update" the launcher told me was available and then put the store fix in. I can play the game no problem it is just the worlds that are wonky.

If there is nothing I can do to avoid the sims3packs just tell me and I'll just use those. Thanks for your time and help. I love you 

EDIT: The sims3packs fixed it, the other thing must have been broken.

Moderator edit: OK, I'm happy to hear that you managed to fix it yourself ! I'll close the topic now. If you have other questions in the future, feel free to open a new topic.

- Carlos

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