Ultimate Fix not Working, "No game disc found"

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Ultimate Fix not Working, "No game disc found"

Post by johnrichardc on Tue 15 Oct 2013, 10:36

Hello all, myself a mac user and i so wanted to play and get back to sims lately and i downloaded a 17+ GB ( contains base + expansion pack for mac ) torrent file from Piratebay and i get a err saying " no disc found". Well, later i did some research and tried bypassing the TSWlauncher editing the info.plist file and i said to myself "wow" this worked but crashed as soon as i got to the post loading page. 

then i stumbled across "games4theworld" and found the solution, Ultimate fix for sims 3 ( mac ), yes i downloaded it but Sad  failed to extract since it is password protected and i tried getting the password archive from sharkyfiles as it was mentioned in the text filed that accompanied it ( it was mentioned to sign up to some deal and stuff, but Sad again it did not let me download the password file ). Guys, i so want to play this game.. kindly someone help me out here and i need to extract that zip file and iam unable to do so with this password thing and the deals linked to that password file doesnt work!!! shucks...epic fail. Could someone help me out with the password to extract that? 

Much appreciated to ones who reply to this thread. 



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Re: Ultimate Fix not Working, "No game disc found"

Post by Dieneryn on Wed 16 Oct 2013, 04:48

Hello there!

Our Ultimate Fix is not password protected. Do try downloading again:

Let us know how it goes Smile
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