Sims 3 into the future *Fix not working*. [CLOSED]

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Sims 3 into the future *Fix not working*. [CLOSED]

Post by LilithTheFairy on Thu 24 Oct 2013, 04:39

I downloaded Sims 3 into the future, while installing Into the Future, it gave me a File corrupted type of deal and gave me no exit, only to Ignore/continue, so i did.... the game seemed perfectly fine, til i got to my sims family, were i had my Sims first Oldest Daughter inspect the portal, She got stuck in Inspection, i thought maybe it took a bit for The Time Traveler to show up, 5 Sim hr's he never showed up and she was still inspecting, stuck with her hand close to her face as if trying to remove some of the brightness of the portal... she hasnt moved, nore has she stopped, Pls help : ((.


Yes i tried the FIX, and she still gets stuck.

Moderator edit: you have another topic on this in the "Sims (3) in-game problems section".   I'll close this. Continue the discussion here:

- Carlos

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