Thank you!!! You guys ROX!!!!

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Thank you!!! You guys ROX!!!!

Post by kelleylester on Fri 25 Oct 2013, 23:05

You guy are awesome!!  I'm actually writing this "kudos" because I have found myself getting a bit frustrated with the results of the problems you seem to be having.  Then I tell myself that you are spending your hard earned time and money to make sure that us "cheap slobs" can play the games we love for free.  Which helps me to remember that you are "princes among men, gods on earth".  No mater how long it takes you to purchases, find, load and fix, it is faster, safer and easier than any other method out there.  So, in short...
Thank you!!! You Guys ROX!!!

Best of luck fighting bugs and gremlins as fast as humanly possible.



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Re: Thank you!!! You guys ROX!!!!

Post by Webmaster on Fri 25 Oct 2013, 23:23

Hello there,

Thank you for your nice words and for your trust in the Games4theworld team, it's appreciated!
People like you are the actual power behind Games4theworld. We just do what we love to do.

Keep the power coming!





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