Into the Future Portal Issue. [CLOSED]

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Into the Future Portal Issue. [CLOSED]

Post by LisaLuvsTheSims2 on Sun 27 Oct 2013, 02:17

Sorry but I think I should repost this since I put the wrong title in! I posted earlier that I am having issues with the expansion pack, I downloaded the game via this site and have no issues with the game except that I cannot use the portal at all. I have cleared everything from my mods folder that I know might mess with it and have made sure I updated all mods that I was using before for the new 1.63 version of the game. I am not sure why I cannot use the portal, any help would be so appreciated!
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Re: Into the Future Portal Issue. [CLOSED]

Post by Syddie on Sun 27 Oct 2013, 07:15

I'm having a similar issue. When my sim goes to inspect the portal she gets stuck and I have to reset her. Nothing happens. My friend has been playing it with no problem and never experienced any issues with her portal. Her portal even showed up on her home lot, mine showed up at a random spot in town. It may be which town I'm using as well, but I didn't think that would have an impact. I've only tried to go into the future in Isla Paradiso files.

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Syddie, please open another topic yourself. That way it's easier for us to probive individual support. Thanks. Wink

- Carlos

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