Validation error.

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Validation error.

Post by constermock on Mon 11 Nov 2013, 23:00

So I just unzipped Sims 3 (the cracked one) and copied and paste it into applications folder.
I couldn't update it to 1.63 because it would just get stuck in the middle of the update and show some sort of error.
After downloading and extracting, I get this window

And when I pick the option 'change permissions', it's making me wait for the change of permissions and then it starts patching.
So far so good, right? Yeah, I thought so too 'cause after it finished patching..
Boom. This.

I thought perhaps I could update later so I just started to try install World Adventures, 
but I get this window:

So then I tried to install Seasons, and for a second I thought something went right, but sadly this popped up:

I actually used to have Sims 3 + all of the EP's a year ago, and it used to work perfectly fine.
So I don't really know what I'm doing wrong. 
Could someone please help me out? Sad

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Re: Validation error.

Post by Dieneryn on Tue 12 Nov 2013, 01:48

Hello there,

If the update fails via the launcher for some reason, please download the manual patch instead HERE.

Apply the manual patch before proceeding again. Let me know if you still get the error Smile
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